GEMS After School Program promotes educational activities for teaching appropriate social and life skills to developmentally challenged children and young adults, ages 3-21. Our program integrates special needs students with those who are typically developing to give all students the resources to learn, grow, live and thrive in school and in their community.

We offer academic support and enrichment activities to help students develop the skills and self-esteem needed for success in life. The program’s curriculum includes life skills, language skills, remedial academics and social skills. GEMS provides students with the opportunities to follow their own interests, to learn about the importance of nutrition and exercise and to establish connections with concerned and caring adults in a safe environment. Family members are given support and training in dealing with the difficult issues of raising a child with developmental disabilities and navigating the system of special education.

GEMS YPA is a program for young adults to participate in community events with supportive adults to chaperon. Our group meets once or twice a month to plan social activities and outings. We soon hope to have a facility of our own where young adults can come and learn work and social skills while being in a calm and nurturing environment.

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